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 What we do :
We are currently providing:
1) Education for children with special needs by:
       *Offering a classroom for groups of children, divided by age and ability. We encourage family members to stay with their child in the class.
       *Supporting children in integrating into regular classrooms, by providing strategies to teachers, loaning materials, and mediating between family and school.
       *Providing home visits to children who are unable to get to school, providing strategies to parents and loaning teaching materials.
2) Physical therapy in the classroom and home.
3) Specialized equipment such as wheelchairs, crutches, walkers, supportive shoes, as we are able.
4) Vocational Training for youth with disabilities
5) Training to parents, teachers, and specialists in strategies commonly used with children with disabilities, including communication strategies, wheelchair fitting, strengthening activities, fine and gross motor development, behavior management.

In addition we:
*Connect families with local services, including the health center and Los Pipitos, which support medical evaluation and treatment. Los Pipitos is a national family-run organization for children with disabilities.
*Support accessibility, by providing materials for ramps in the home, and building ramps in schools.
*Built a playground with opportunities for children with varying abilities to play.
*Encourage inclusion and community participation.

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Working to provide wheelchairs
Building accessible playgrounds
Bryan is integrated into a mainstream classroom
Minister of education visits our classroom
Building connections with Centro de Salud