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Training local teachers with regards to disabilities and inclusion


Currently there is a 15 week program provided by the ministry of education to support the training of teachers about children with disabilities, in order to support inclusion. This is a nationwide project. Each region in Nicaragua is watching a video through teleconference and then there are small group activities and discussions locally. Every Tuesday afternoon CIELO de Amor staff are joining 15 other local regular education teachers for this training. CIELO de Amor staff are able to learn and also contribute their experiences to the discussion.



We are also delighted that the teachers at the training have wanted to visit our class to see hands on children with a variety of disabilities and see us putting strategies into place.

We were able to show them the structure and routines of our class, including circle time, social time, individual work time. Jahoska the physical therapist demonstrated the use of the sensory brush and discussed the sensory needs of children. Staff showed how visuals and structured activities such as work systems, support the learning of children with autism. It’s exciting to see the government put effort to support inclusion and we are so happy that we can contribute to this training locally, in a very hands on manner. The children did very well inspite the number of visitors in the room.




Dani-inclusionWe have supported several children in attending regular schools, by providing school uniforms, books and markers. We also support their teachers by providing strategies and some extra materials. Dani had not attended school for six years, since the onset of his illness. We are so proud of him for deciding to return.